Activate your Gift card

 For help with activation please read the 4step activation guideline or watch the video below.

Follow the link at the bottom of the page to Activate

If you have a Chip&PIN card, PLEASE remember to note your PIN. Otherwise Fees will apply for PIN retrieval

  1. This is the Registration page.

2. Replace ALL details you find with your details

3. PIN appears above the cvv entry box. PIN retrieval will incur fees deducted from the available balance.

Or down load the “CardPortal App” from your suited portal, and follow the instructions above.

No activation code?

1. Your activation code is your 6 digit order number

2. If you ordered the card yourself then please look for an email from love@theirperfectgift

3. If you were sent the gift card by someone else, please contact them and ask for the activation code



Our cards usually expire 12 months after they are purchased.

The cards expire at the earliest of the date printed on the cards and that printed on screen.

Fees will apply after expiry and on replacement cards in line with the terms and condition

If you don’t have your code please contact us