The right way to use your Spend Anywhere gift card.

Anywhere in the World that accepts MasterCard. That’s over 30 million places. In-store and online. For our Magnetic strip ONLY cards, the swipe function of the pdq will accept the card. Our premium range offers Chip&PIN technology. We do not offer contactless cards.

You can use the card as many times as you like until the balance is spent.

There are no fees to use your card in the currency it is loaded in.

If you use your card in another currency the transaction is translated at the MasterCard exchange rate, plus a 2.75% fee.

1. The cashier is refusing to accept my card because it’s not Chip & Pin

This argument is most common with our Magnetic Strip Cards. However, if the retailer says they accept MasterCard and they have a swipe function on their pdq, then they have to accept the card. 

The cashier is mistake! Please point this out to them as the refusal to accept is unlikely to be a Head Office policy.

Please watch this video to see how to use our:

Magnetic Strip card:

Chip&PIN Cards:

2. Why do I need to activate my card before use?

We implemented an “activation” process for all our cards to protect your money through transit and also be compliant with the E-money regulations.

We post your card using Royal Mail in the delivery class we were instructed to and at the same time we email an activation code to the email address we were instructed to. This might be the purchaser or the recipient.

Please look for an email from “activation@cardportal.com” in your inbox and your spam/junk folder.

If you cannot find the code, then email us at “love@theirperfectgift.co.uk”, or ask the person who ordered the card. For security reasons, we can only reveal codes to people we have on file.

Once you have your card and activation code, visit our website and select “Activate Gift Card” from the “Need Help” tab on the Main Menu. Then simply follow the 4step activation guideline.

PLEASE remember the PIN on your Chip&PIN card, as it will cost you a fee to retrieve a new one. We cannot identify the original PIN for you as this is randomly generated for security reasons.

I don’t have an activation code>

3. Card Expiry

Magnetic Strip Cards sold BEFORE 1 July 2019 – Your card WILL CEASE to work on the date shown on screen when you first activate your card (or check your balance). You will usually have 12 months from the date your card is first loaded with money, to spend the funds.

On the rare occasion the date shown on the physical card is less than 12 months from first load, your card will expire on the date printed on the physical the gift card. The date printed on the card is essentially a “stock expiry” date, when the card will cease to work (for loading purposes on our side). It DOES NOT represent when your funds expire.

Magnetic Strip Cards sold AFTER 1 July 2019 – Your Card will cease to work on the earliest of:

     1). 12months from first activating the card (the date appearing on screen); or

     2). The Expiry date printed on the front of the card.

We hope this preserves the longevity of your usage and reduced the confusion as to when the card expires. The Gift Card will come with a Sticker that highlights this!

If your card has expired, please complete the Card Re-Issue Form ASAP as fees apply in line with the Fee Schedule.

Chip & PIN Cards – Your card will expire on the expiry date printed on the from of the card 

4. Can I redeem my card online?

Yes you can. Make sure you use the same address and post code you entered when you activated your card.

BUT also remember to use the EXPIRY DATE printed ON YOUR CARD, as the date you use. This date may well differ from the date shown on screen. Sorry if this is confusing. Contact us if this isn’t clear.

We have also now removed the “Enable ON-Line” use button due to the non-implementation of the legislation in the UK for a 2nd Auth requirement for online transactions.

Please be aware, that some websites deduct £1 from each new payment card registered. This is later returned at their discretionary timeframe. This may cause you to go overspend. Unfortunately we have no control over this and it is not easily identifiable as to which websites will do this.

5. Can I purchase something for more than the value of my card?

If you want to buy something for more than the value of your gift card, simply ask the cashier to split the payment.

Pay for the item by another means and then request the cashier deduct the balance from your card.

If you try to buy something for more than the value on the card, your card will be rejected.

6. Do I need a PIN?

Our “Magnetic” strip ONLY cards do not need a PIN. Simply ask the cashier to swipe the card through their pdq machine. Your card is a Magstrip card if it does not have a chip on the front.

It is important they swipe as a DEBIT card and not a gift card.

For our Chip & Pin Cards (cards that have a chip on the front), will require a PIN. The PIN is revealed at the Registration stage and is located above the CVV box (below). PLEASE ensure you remember this number as it cannot be changed and retrieving a new one will incur a fee.


7. Can I reload the card later?

No, our gift cards are single use only.

We do provide reloadable cards to corporates so please contact us here to discuss.

8. Can I get funds out from a ATM?

No, sorry!

If you could, it wouldn’t be a gift card!

9. Why is an activation fee charged?

Our cards can be used anywhere that accepts MasterCard Online & in-store. This incurs transaction costs: load, residency and processing fees.

Therefore we need to charge a fee to cover the various financial services costs associated with a product like ours.

Most other gift cards are tied to one or a limited number of retailers, so your choice is limited. These cards are funded by the retailer profit when the card is spent. Ours is not

10. What fees do you charge me to use the card?

If you are the lucky recipient of one of our cards, there are no fees to pay to use a GBP card in the UK or a EUR card in the EU zone.

You can use the card as many times as you like until the balance is spent.

If you use your card in another currency the transaction is translated at the MasterCard exchange rate, plus a 2.75% fee.

If you lose your card or need to extend the expiry we need to charge a £5/€5 fee per card.

If you receive a refund to the card, then £0.35 will be deducted from the balance. This is to cover the processing costs incurred.

Retrieving your PIN will incur a £2 fee, which is deducted from your remaining balance.

11. What places can you deliver to?

We deliver our cards anywhere in the SEPA group of countries. Click HERE for a list of SEPA countries.

Our Gift Card license does not allow us to deliver outside of these territories.

If you require our cards and you are not in SEPA, please email at love@theirperfectgift.co.uk and we will try and assist as best we can.

12. Why is there a limit of load on my gift card?

Due to E-money regulations, we are restricted to loading a maximum limit per card (£200 and €200).

If you buy a card more than these values, then the load will be split over multiple cards.

13. How is my card delivered

We use Royal Mail as our default carrier.

Our standard postage basis delivers in 3-5 days, UK (not tracked).

We offer an EXPRESS postage option (1-2 days), UK (not tracked).

We also offer a next day delivery option (UK only) which is tracked and signed for before 1pm the following day. This is providing an order is placed and paid for before 12noon.

You will usually be able to activate your card(s) 24hours after they have been despatched.

Unfortunately sometimes deliveries do go missing in the post. Depending on the postage method chosen by the purchaser, we are unable to confirm delivery unless the intended recipient confirms to us that the card(s) haven’t been received.

14. Why can I only buy gift cards for £350 or less over the website?

Due to e-money regulations and the anti-fraud procedure we implement, we limit individuals from buying more than this amount per transaction and less than £500 per month.

Corporates can purchase more as long as they come through the corporate enquiry form.

Individuals that want to buy more than £350 will need to supply a driving license / Passport and a recent utility bill in their name

15. The card I have is being declined

This could be for a variety of reasons:

a) because there is not enough balance on the card. If you want to buy something for more than the balance on the card, simply ask the cashier to take a certain amount from your gift card and pay the remaining balance another way.

If you are still having problems, please click here

b) It could also be because you need to activate your card first (see Note 2 above)

c) The card hasn’t been enabled for on-line use (see Note 4 Above). 

d) The card may have expired, so please log on and check the status (see Note 3). If the card has expire, please complete the “Card Re-Issue form” found in the “Need Help” tab. Fees will apply.

16. I have a virtual card

The card is activated by using your email address and code only.

You will need to complete the registration page.

You can only spend the card on-line, having enabled the card for on-line use.